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THE pro-voke Subway Map


Does everyone in your organization believe IN and base their work on your Strategy?

Are people role modeling and held accountable to your Brand?

Does your Culture enable and bring your Strategy to life?

We believe that the more an organization's Strategy, Brand, and Culture are aligned and in sync, the better an organization performs.  The pro-voke Subway Map helps organizations take the various elements that make up what defines its direction and ensures they are organized and woven together rather than competing, conflicting, or merely co-existing with each other.

How well they are organized, articulated, understood, and intentionally woven together matters


Whether designing for hundreds of people in large groups or working with individual leaders,

the way we conduct our business is critical.


we are relevant

and we are present

- always.


cheers. we love rolling up our sleeves, having skin in the game with you, and being part of celebrating your achievements and your success. 


we value a company’s climate, terrain, color, space,

and emotion.

they all matter.


we know your time is valuable. we know what we can bring, and what we can’t. we won’t simply tell you stuff you want to hear. respectfully, we will challenge and stretch and...provoke.


we are candid.




we take nothing for granted. we are appreciative in our approach and we act on purpose. we are gritty and grateful.

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