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The Work We do

Each of the channels below represent a specific type of work we do to help organizations navigate through setting direction, driving change, and keeping their people engaged in what's most important.

1 - Sparkplug.png

mission + vision + purpose

Sometimes the difference between a good company and a great company is a true understanding of why you exist, where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there. Clarifying and moving your mission, vision, and purpose to front of mind can galvanize your people toward all that you can achieve.

Pro-voke will:

  • Articulate the what and how of your business

  • Refine and validate where your company is going and what success will look like when you get there

  • Convey to your internal and external stakeholders why your company exists

  • Define and communicate the core values of your company

2 - Light Bulb.png


your brand

Achieving a clear, multi-dimensional understanding of your company’s identity is a critical step toward attracting the right people, keeping them on board, and building ambassadorship. The ability to articulate in words and images what’s in your head, heart, and spirit allows your organization to introduce and reinforce who you really are.

Pro-voke will:

  • Distill insight to create brand narratives

  • Surface and articulate bold brand attributes

  • Optimize the intersection of strategy, brand, and culture

  • Translate your research and data into storytelling

3 - Knot.png



The most successful organizations change with purpose; others let change happen to them. Regardless of where you fall on that continuum, change is a reality for every company. Getting it right the first time and avoiding re-starts is critical to your success, morale, and engagement.

Pro-voke will:

  • Diagnose your current reality and prepare you for future change

  • Paint a clear, compelling picture of your desired future

  • Bring clarity to unique obstacles

  • Equip your leaders with skills and tools to manage sustainable transition

  • Course-correct change efforts and initiatives that are stalled or broken

  • Create concrete action plans and timelines

4 - Binoculars.png

Goal setting + strategic planning

Every company’s best chance for success stems from its people working in support of your strategy; their goals should simultaneously improve your business and their ability to lead. Whether you’re setting a strategic course or need help aligning goals to an existing approach, it’s always the right time to ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction.

Pro-voke will:

  • Drive strategic planning, prioritization, and tradeoffs

  • Offer innovative processes to surface critical strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analyses)

  • Provide toolkits to integrate strategy at all levels of your company

  • Transform traditional goal-setting processes to create clear action plans and accountabilities

5 - Rulers.png


Company Culture

Every company has a culture, whether you know it or not. Defining your culture and bringing it to life is a process that requires continuous validation and renewal – and definitely more than posters, balloons, and summer barbecues.

Pro-voke will:

  • Conduct a robust intake of your existing climate

  • Design a culture that fuels your strategy and brand


  • Create behaviors that align with your strategic priorities

  • Create tools and processes to embed and reinforce behaviors

  • Provide a scorecard that highlights your achievements and ongoing needs

6 - Leather.png

Restructures +


Reshaping a company or function requires a keen understanding of your people and processes and the discipline to make tough decisions – and you can’t do the work alone. Having partners with an unbiased view from the stands and the readiness to assist on the field can substantially increase engagement and understanding.

Pro-voke will:

  • Surface clear objectives, purpose, and desired outcomes for success

  • Establish guiding principles and build alignment for the work among your leaders

  • Create intensity regarding leaders’ responsibility and the support they need for navigating difficult waters

  • Manage the pace and intensity of your work while maintaining the right level of humanity

7 - Woodgrain.png

Mergers + Acquisitions supporT

Beyond the legal and financial due diligence required in mergers and acquisitions, integrating multiple cultures can be your biggest challenge. This often creates unintended geometry, requiring you to find the right angles and navigate curves that could have been straight lines with the right planning.

Pro-voke will:

  • Lead synergy process design and guidance

  • Ensure leadership alignment across multiple organizations

  • Develop and execute comprehensive communications plans

  • Guide and advise merging companies on culture integration

  • Monitor transition compliance

8 - Charts.png

Talent +

Succession Planning

Within organizations of all sizes, a clear sense of bench strength and career pathing is critical to future success. Identifying and developing the talent you need to meet the present and future needs of your company is absolutely essential.

Pro-voke will:

  • Implement a streamlined process that allows for sustainable, rewarding talent growth and planning

  • Develop framework and filters to ensure that existing and incoming talent is aligned with present and future needs

  • Apply unique, bold processes designed for high-potential and high-performing candidates, keeping an eye toward business goals, the competitive environment, and achieving peak performance

  • Recommend additional tools that will propel candidates toward their true potential

9 - Brick.png

World-Class Leadership Meetings

It can be challenging to pull leaders away from the day-to-day and provide space to think, talk, and grow together. The right leadership meeting for your company results in increased strategic commitment, a renewed sense of energy, and some of the best thinking for your business that you’ve never heard.

Pro-voke will:

  • Design highly customized experiences that are built on differentiated objectives and outcomes

  • Create meaningful experiences and conversations that don’t happen every day

  • Reinforce accountability across your leadership

  • Create an environment for you to work hard and play hard with a purpose

  • Facilitate in a way that will push, prod, and elevate learning in the right places

  • Optimize meeting flow, pace, intensity, and variety of experience

10 - Antler.png



Coaching is a secret weapon the strongest leaders tap into over the course of their careers. All leaders – high-potential leaders, high-performing managers, and c-suite executives – face instances when they need to explore their current realities with clarity and perspective.

Pro-voke will:

  • Collect data and provide feedback to gain insights and perspectives on leadership style, behaviors, and impact

  • Assist leaders in building their own models of success and uncover barriers

  • Drive self-awareness and responsibility among leaders through experiments and actions designed to advance development goals

11 - Compass.png


strong teams

When you have the opportunity to pull your team together, it is important to strike the right balance of sharing information, tackling critical conversations, finding deeper ways of building relationships, and supporting one another. By tapping into signature strengths and activating the creative tension within your team, you will accelerate success.

Pro-voke will:

  • Design and facilitate half-day, full-day, and multi-day team meetings and off-sites

  • Build cohesion and collaboration among your team

  • Assist in setting directional alignment for your team

  • Develop skill-building and innovative learning mechanisms

  • Facilitate focused 1:1 feedback sessions

  • Support dilemma-busting and conflict resolution

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