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In 2013, we hung up a shingle and created pro-voke to provide leaders with a way to really zoom in on the most important conversations they should be having to move their businesses forward.  We believe that if you provide people with a clear picture of a desired future, then give them a chance to see themselves in it, they will work tirelessly and enthusiastically to get there.   We have the ability to put a mirror up in front of a company so that it can see its current climate and gain clarity on what’s working well and what’s ripe for reframing, refining, or reinventing.  


We’re always welcoming new leaders, teams, and organizations to work with us and we’re incredibly proud of the long-term relationships we’ve forged over the years with companies who’ve allowed us to be a true partner in their growth and evolution. 


When a company’s Strategy, Brand, and Culture come together and intersect at all the right places, great things happen.  That’s what we do.

Meet the Team


Steve Campbell

Founder + CEO

Steve launched pro-voke after more than 30 years at Delhaize Group, where he held executive roles domestically and globally, leading and championing strategic change management and company culture. He brings a spirited perspective on how businesses can perform to their peak potential. He knows the right places to push, the right questions to ask, and the right way to pull it all together. Steve cuts to the chase; brings a gritty optimism; and surfaces the real truth in challenges and opportunities.


Betsy Folan

SVP, Organizational +

Executive Development

As a talented designer and facilitator, Betsy brings 20+ years of experience and a world-class coaching-and-development muscle to her work.  She is a genuine truth teller, growing the executive awareness of leaders. She blends the high-concept work of design with the practical needs of the business so that meetings resonate and create action and results. She builds skill in others, engages naturally, and advances trust at all levels.


Mike Pendleton

Co-Founder + Chief Creative OFficer

Mike co-founded pro-voke with the intention of bringing bold, compelling insights to businesses by leveraging creating thinking and innovation. He is known for his ability to simplify the complex; create a pull for participation; and articulate strategy in a way that is easy for others to understand and embrace. With experience in organizational “turnaround”, Mike knows how to enlist and engage leaders in managing change and transition.


Joe Wise

VP, Communications +

Learning Systems

With a high level of initiative and goal orientation, Joe finds the right balance of process and purpose. A natural relationship-builder, he brings a hearty, healthy sense of competition and achievement to all he does, effectively stretching the limits of individual and team performance. Whether it’s adult learning or communications, Joe is adept at figuring out what matters and resonates for people, balancing that with a strong discipline and business focus.


Brad Wise


As the former President of Hannaford [a highly-regarded supermarket retailer with just under 200 stores in the Northeast], Brad is well known for his ability to provide strategic direction, leadership insight, and trusted executive counsel at the highest levels. He exemplifies pro-voke’s straightforward nature, and brings a pragmatic, thought-filled approach to his work. Brad knows how to “plan the work and work the plan” to achieve and exceed desired results.

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