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Sometimes It’s a Smart Idea to Sleep on It

When Making People Decisions, Taking the Right Time to Make the Right Call Can Make All the Difference


So many of us have grown up in business focused on moving things to action as quickly as possible, getting to the point of execution. While that makes sense… sometimes, particularly when making people decisions, it’s good to pause.

I’ve learned that right-now decisions don’t need to be as frequent. I’ve never taken a night to think over a decision and come back to the table with something I was less confident in. Usually the opposite happens. Time to think broadens a leader’s ability to work through the variables, see the whole picture, and more clearly carve out a path to achieve the best outcomes.

Sometimes spontaneity and urgency are required, but most of the time, the right decision is not the right-now decision.


Brad is the President at pro-voke.

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