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Three Critical Conversations for Leaders Right Now: Part 2

Bringing People Back, Realigning as a Group, and Capturing Some Key Learnings


People have been thrust into a whirlwind of change. Companies are changing the way they communicate, the way they get work done, and the way they make decisions. Successful organizations know that amidst all the challenges and all the new, it’d be smart to take out the highlighter and mark what should “stick” moving forward. Habits have been developed and behaviors have formed; some have an expiration sticker attached to them while others have some staying power. This is the second in a three-card series that adds some purpose and intention to how we best reacclimate. Some people are eagerly reconnecting to their work while others are cautiously finding their footing. One way to create some foundation is to have people call out some best practices and some not-so-best practices from this time. Acknowledge pride points. Call attention to successes. Get crisp with the opportunities and realizations. Chances are there is plenty that is ripe for a revisit or a refresh. This conversation is all about taking stock of where we are and making the most out of all that’s been learned from this time. As with the entire series, this card provides questions and context that allows for some self-facilitated group conversation that can take place in a few minutes over a cup of coffee or a few hours in a virtual happy hour.

Part 2: Bringing People Back


This article is the second of a three-part series of critical conversations to support leaders in bringing people together and having the conversations that will help move their organizations forward. Part 1, “Acknowledging What We’re Going Through” focused on individuals and how we can best lead in this moment. Part 3 “Getting Back on Track” focuses on the path forward and the new realities teams and organizations might be facing.

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